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2016 IGF-USA Sessions

How Better Broadband Benefits Everyone: Competition as a Lever Towards Progress

The spread of the Internet and the mobile phone has gone faster and further than the development of any communications technology in history. The benefits of increased access at higher speeds are key drivers of global economic growth as well as of freedom and social...
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Expanding Access, Adoption, and Digital Literacy through Technology and Local Solutions

Access to the Internet provides great opportunities for development and growth for the individuals and communities that it connects. However, even in the U.S., we still have regions and communities that have either no or limited access to broadband. Establishing best...
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Managing the Opportunities and Risks of the Internet of Things and Big Data

The Internet has changed the world over the past few decades in a way that few anticipated. In coming decades, new innovations will continue to shape our society in unpredictable ways. The emergence of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) has introduced a new era of...
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Countering Violent Extremism: Implications for Human Rights Online

In recent years, threats to national security have increased both online and off. As such, countering violent extremism (CVE) has become a major policy agenda both domestically and abroad. In the U.S., President Obama convened an international CVE summit in 2015 to...
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The IANA Transition: Affirming the Multistakeholder Model

The success of the multistakeholder model is the best method to ensure the growth of the internet while protecting its openness and innovation. This model is the organizational framework in which diverse stakeholders across the globe are able to participate in...
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Is There Room for Both Privacy and Security in the Internet’s Future?

In the U.S., privacy and security are often framed as competing values. This tension increased after Edward Snowden leaked documents in June 2013 that revealed the NSA’s surveillance of U.S. Citizens communications, triggering a debate around the trade-off between...
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